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Trying to keep busy!

Hello again everyone!

First of all I hope you are all well. We are in a lockdown on Shetland at the moment but I am trying to keep busy with adding to my website and Facebook page,

This morning I got an email from Chris and Dee Smy, I had the pleasure of showing them around the South mainland on March the 13th of this year. Chris is a great photographer and has kindly sent me some photos from the tour. I have added some to my sideshow on the home page. Thanks again, Chris.

If anyone is interested then I am doing videos on my Facebook page each day, there is a link to the page from this website. Tune in and comment below, I am going to be asking questions about Shetland and then commenting on answers.

This is uncertain times, so if you have a tour booked with me for later in the year then dont hesitate to get in touch and I will try and help with any concerns you may have. If we can't proceed with the tour on the planned date there is no charge and we will go ahead and try to book another date in the future.

All the best and good health, Grant

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