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Central Mainland +

Shetland Pony 


On this tour we get to visit the 

Shetland Pony Experience and Shetland's ancient capital of Scalloway. 

Leaving Lerwick, first we will head out to Papil on the Island of Burra, this is where we will visit the Shetland Pony Experience.  Here you will be able to learn about the Shetland Ponies, brush and pet them, lead them down to a beach below the stud and children can have a short, supervised ride.  To learn more then visit The Shetland Pony Experience website or facebook page.

Afterwards we will head towards Scalloway.  Here we will explore the old streets and check out the 400 year old Castle in the centre of the village.  After lunch we will pop along the Scalloway Museum (£3 entry) and learn about the Shetland Bus.  We will also take in part of the west mainland on the way back to Lerwick.

South Mainland 

The south tour is the most popular and blessed with scenic stops, history and wildlife.

Taking in a photo stop over Scalloway and the whole of the south mainland of Shetland.

In the south of the Island we will stop across from Mousa to take in a view of the best preserved broch in the world, visit St Ninians Isle, the 4000 year old Jarlshof settlement (£6 entry) and the Crofthouse museum. On the way through Fladdabister we will talk about what life was like in Shetland over a century ago and then we will drive to the top of mossy hill. We will stand on the edge of the wild cliffs of Sumbrugh Head where we will see Puffins from mid April to mid August, and have a close look at Sumbrugh Lighthouse which was opened in 1821.

On the way we will see lots of Shetland Ponies, seabirds and other wildlife.  We will have lunch at Sumbrugh Hotel, which was built in 1867. 

North Mainland

Heading West as we leave Lerwick this tour makes its way through whiteness, weisdale and Aith before heading north to the breathtaking views of the cliffs of Eshaness, along with Ronas voe and Ollaberry.

On the way we will pop along the Tangwick Haa Museum to have a look at the local history

Stopping at Mavis Grind (Shetland's narrowest point) you will have the opportunity to throw a stone from the Atlantic ocean to the North Sea.  We will pass through Sullom Voe and Dales Voe on the way back to Lerwick. 

Again we will have plenty of photos stops for Shetland Ponies.



Unst and Yell

The Northern Isles tour to Unst and Yell takes us to the very edge of the United Kingdom, which will see us hop on and off two ferries on the way.

Our first Island will be Yell, Shetland's biggest island (excluding the mainland)

From there we will catch the 5 minute ferry to Unst.  Here we will stop at the 400 year old Muness Castle, the ex-RAF base of Saxa Vord, where there is now a brewery and gin distillery. From Saxa Vord we will see Muckle Flugga, the most northerly part of the British Isles. We will see the Haroldswick boat museum and visit the reconstructed viking longhouse and longship created by Viking Unst before visiting Hermaness and its visitor center. 

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