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Happy Festive!

Hello Everyone from a frosty Shetland Isles. The weather here over Christmas was stormy and wet but the last few days have given way to some beautiful, calm but cold weather. After a few months with very little covid 19 cases here on Shetland we have unfortunately had quite a bad outbreak again over the last week and face going back into another lockdown.

On the tour side of things, I still haven't provided one since March 13th because of the pandemic and I am not sure what the new year holds. At the moment I am in other work, and feel very lucky for that, but I am still accepting inquires for the new year, on the basis that everything will have to be provisional booked for now until we can see where we stand in the coming months.

I wish you all a Happy New Year and I hope to see you on Shetland, hopefully, in the near future.

All the best



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