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Hello All

I hope this finds you well! We are coming out of the dark winter months on Shetland and things are starting to brighten up in more ways than one. The days are getting longer and we are slowly starting to come out of another lockdown, hopefully our last!

Our health service have been doing a great job rolling out the covid vaccines and most the adult population have had at least one dose. This is given hope that we will soon be coming out of the pandemic and moving on with our lives.

Unfortunately, for me and Shetland Minibus Tours, this has come a bit too late for this year and i will not be able to provide day tours over the coming months. I have had to take up other employment because of the affect covid-19 has had on my business and cant leave a secure job with the uncertainty that we find ourselves in. I plan to be up and running full time again in 2022 and I am already taking bookings for next year.

However, I plan to run guided walking tours of Lerwick in the evenings of 2021. The tour will cover the center of Lerwick and celebrate its history, culture, way of life and up-helly-AA, along with many local stories. To book this tour or for more information, contact me through email on this website. I hope to see you soon



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